BB - Spring/Klein TX

Are you interested in participating in Bountiful Baskets in Spring/Klein, TX?

Here's how:
1. Create an account at
2. Order a basket. 
3. Pick up your basket.
4. Enjoy your food.

This is a not-for-profit food co-op for families. There are no contracts. 

Help us create a local site! If you have an account OR create an account, email I have to have 50 accounts to qualify for a local site so I am collecting names to present to BB for verification.

  • Choose your county, then choose your city.
    • I choose Montgomery County, Magnolia - Society of Samaritans - this is a 17 mile drive that takes 30-40minutes depending on traffic.
    • I have chosen Harris county, the nearest location is Harmony School of Excellence in the Jersey Village area - this is a longer drive for me, so I have stuck with the Magnolia location.
  • On this side of Houston, there are sites at Copperfield, Jersey Village, Conroe, Kingwood, Atascocita.
  • Order from the site that is convenient to you.
    • Know that Houston has the Week B delivery schedule.
    • You will receive weekly emails from Sally & Tanya. You will not be able to order on Week A because there are no Houston area sites. 
    • Check the schedule on the right side of the main page for Week B dates.
    • You must order a basket to order anything else. $15 You can order up to 3 baskets.
      • If you want an organic basket, there is a $10 upcharge.
      • If this is your first time to order, there is a one time charge of $3. 
    • Each week, add-ons are available to order. These are OPTIONAL, but a really great value. 
      • If you don't need any of them, don't order them.
      • Add-ons examples - every week these options are different
      • Bulk produce (20lbs of potatoes or 40lbs of apples)
      • Specialized packs (Juice Pack, Stew Pack, Holiday pack, Tamale Pack)
      • Breads, granola, molasses, coconut oil, 1 gal olive oil
    • People swear by the
      • bread packs
      • wrap packs
      • bulk produce - pineapples, strawberries, blueberries, corn, mangos, onions, carrots, etc.
    • Be on time, specific to the site. Pick up is within 20minutes of that time.
    • Bring something to transport your produce home. I bring reusable grocery bags. Some people bring laundry baskets.
    • A basket is actually 2 small laundry baskets - one is fruits, one is vegetables - this is your $15 purchase. Every week, the produce changes. Some seasons are heavy fruit, some heavy vegetables, some equal parts. 
    • Your Contribution Receipt will be sent via email. Print that email or have it ready on your phone. The Site Coordinator must be able to see the contribution confirmation number.
    • Usually, a line of people will form by the Volunteer Site Coordinator.
    • Show your email to the VSC, get your basket. 
    • Go to the Add-on area and show your receipt - pick up your add-on packs.
    • 6 times a year is the request. Some do more, some do less.
    • A volunteer helps unload the truck, distribute produce to the baskets, tear down boxes, etc.
    • A volunteer spreads the word about great produce at a great price. 
    • Using Bountiful Baskets has reduced my monthly grocery budget considerably. 
    • The produce is not locally grown.
    • The produce is distributed from Phoenix, Arizona by Bountiful Baskets and is purchased from Kodak Produce which purchases from Central and South America. 
    • The volunteers do not make any profit from this venture, this includes the VSC.