Thursday, May 17, 2012

Feelings, nothing more than feelings...

Sherrie asked me today if I was scared. I said no. I'm not scared. Yet. Over the next 4-5hrs, a tidal wave of emotions began to rock its way through my body. At one point, I just wanted my Momma. Then I reminded myself of this TMEA goal that I have harbored for 17yrs. What is the purpose? Is this important? The purpose is create & make music. And yes, it is important. This invitation is the opportunity for student success. I can do it everyday in my classroom or in the cafetorium. But TMEA is an opportunity for not just student success but greatness. It is opportunity to find the intangible parts of music & teach students true ownership. The next 9 months will be nothing short of amazing. A year from now, this will all be over. But I want to remember how I felt along the way. This is our time.

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