Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Final Number

30 girls? No. It's 32 girls. I added 2 more girls. They are good sightreaders and follower voices. What they lack in vocal strength they make up for in tremendous positive energy.

Tomorrow, the congratulation letters go out during 7th pd and we will have a welcome meeting in the evening.

As I look at the list.....I am in awe. This is a really NEAT group of girls. Girls with so much dedication to discipline and being a part of a team. I can't wait to see how leadership evolves from this group because there are not super standout personalities. None that take over the room.

This group is made of
  • the best singers
  • the best dancers
  • the best athletes
  • 10 instrumentalists
  • 3 triple threats
  • 11 oldest children
  • 10 youngest children
  • 11 middle children
  • the list goes on & on...
Yet, they are just girls who love to sing.

Tomorrow, the excitement REALLY begins!

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