Sunday, May 27, 2012

Look & Listen

This weekend, I brought home a work basket. Folksong books, single octavos, past TMEA printed programs, notepad, pencil bag of writing tools, laptop, UIL perusal books, etc., etc., etc..

After Meg goes to sleep each night, I have time at the computer to roam, piddle, listen, read, etc. I can't get on the computer in her presence b/c she wants to sit in my lap and "play", too. With the mouse, the keyboard. Our 11mo old is quite tech-saavy already. We embrace it.

Tonight, I am diving into a document of repertoire suggestions that was given to me by the Meryl Streep of my little choir director world - Denise Eaton. She has the power of EF Hutton. I am looking/listening to each piece & making comments - as I do with every piece. Right now, it is very important to WRITE down my thoughts since I am listening to so much music each day. My brain is on music overload and will remain this way until after TCDA. I must remain open to anything TCDA puts in my hands at a reading session.

I also requested a list from Joel Price - he's been on the UIL PML Committee for a few years, judges lots of contests. I asked him to give me a list of pieces from the PML that were not over done at contest and would be worthy of a TMEA program. This is a great list with lots of gems. I have skimmed & tagged these pieces (see the blue tags in the picture above) for further perusal.

Here is what I have looked at so far....
  • Singin' Texas by Francis Abernethy & Texas Folk Songs by Owens/Koehn - trying to find a possible "Texas" folk song to use in the program or have arranged for composition. Most of these songs are transplants with slight lyric changes. I found one song I like, but I want it arranged for boys.
  • The Owl Sings, edited by Susan Taylor-Howell, published by OAKE. I LOVE this book of folksong arrangements - by uncredited music teachers. The Turtle Dove & Pourqoui jump out at me. The Turtle Dove - b minor, open harmonies, wide range (low G for altos, high G for sopranos), difficult to tune, the most beautiful setting of this song I have found. Pourquoi - such a fun, happy little tune. I used to teach this piece when I taught elementary music with visual manipulatives. This setting is for 3 pt treble and SAT recorder ensemble. I dearly love it. It would be a fabulous tribute to Klein ISD elementary music teachers - all that they do to teach the Kodaly concept & Orff Approach daily.
  • The Prescribed Music List (PML) - the music bible of my life. Such a wonderful list of repertoire. In the Grade 2 & 3 lists, I have tagged everything I have performed, taught, don't like, want to look at, etc.
I told Michael tonight - I stand at the top of this funnel and it seems overwhelming. His response - It's a treasure hunt, tedious but exciting to find the gems. I've begun the hunt. He & I are meeting for brunch tomorrow morning to begin the dialogue.

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