Monday, May 28, 2012

To those paying attention....

Thank you for reading this blog. This will be a long journey, but already there is a ton of traffic on this site. It is scary on one hand, and makes complete sense on the other. Scary because people are really paying attention to what I say & some from very far away places (Russians & Germans are reading?). It makes complete sense because this is the 21st century. I work on a school campus that revolves around technology-enhanced learning. Blogging is my journal. Truly, it is my therapy. Fortunately, blogging doesn't cost $150/hr. I figure if I empty my thoughts each day into this medium then I can maintain some shred of mental balance along the way. I've tried blogging before, but it always turned into a rant of some sort that ultimately disgusted me. This TMEA experience is meant to be a positive one, so it stands to reason that these blog entries won't be rants. These entries will be stream-of-consciousness prose or daily accounts of any TMEA preparation. Comment. Question. Enjoy.

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