Monday, July 30, 2012

Liftoff in 4 weeks

Step away for a couple of weeks & regroup. 3 days in Capturing Kid's Hearts training. Great. 3 days at TCDA - reading sessions, networking, learning new ideas. Awesome. Now back to work.
Get ready for liftoff - August 27. The First Day of School - my favorite day of the year. I love it more than my birthday.

Today, I stepped back into the schoolhouse. It took me a 3 hours to regroup my thoughts and find a direction. First, I figured out that I had to begin organizing the choir room. Two years of piles due to pregnancy and first year of motherhood. After that task is accomplished, then I will begin solidifying my lesson plans.

I began by moving a table over near the choir library and sorting huge piles of music. Putting solo books back in place - they tend to wander off with each contest. Then I began filing music of the past 2 years. In 2010-2011, I didn't have an office aide, so while I was pregnant, I didn't file much of anything at work. On the flip side, I put my house in order and got ready for baby. My husband thought I was going to label the cat during those nesting periods. In 2011-2012, I had an office aide. She was good, but I didn't train her well or stay on top of her tasks. I was satisfied for her to complete the immediate tasks that needed to be done. I knew there was other stuff to do, but I didn't have time to get to it. I wanted to get home to Meg. The piles built up and up and up. Everything is filed in the proper place, for now. Once the year begins, more library boxes will be ordered and box labels prepared to complete the entire task.

In the midst of filing, I found the single copy of the 4th piece in the TMEA program - the substitute piece. YAY! I played through it - accompaniment, then parts. Oh, WOW. It is as wonderful as I remember. Great unison sections, and lush harmonies in appropriate places. The text brings me to my knees.

This week, I will reorganize my single copy octavos. They multiply each year like rabbits. Then I will attack my office. There is quite a bit to shred and purge in that tiny little space.

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