Monday, August 13, 2012

Choir Reunion

Tonight, 60 girls gathered for an Advanced Treble Choir reunion. About 30 current girls - going to TMEA - and 30 former members - in grades 9-12 and beyond. We ate, sang "If You Dance", took pictures in the sweltering heat, ate some more, and hung out. It was a lovely evening. Lots of girls, lots of family members.

If you dance then you must have boots of shining leather,
Money in your pocketbook, in your cap a feather.
But if you would sing with me, you don't need a cent you see,
So come & sing together!

Such a great canon. I teach it every year to the girls (except I forgot this year - ack!). We sang it a few times, then we went upstairs to the 2nd floor and sang it around the stairs. In canon. Wonderful sounds of young women singing. Such a joy!

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