Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer Choir

If possible, I would have Summer Choir Rehearsals every year. I absolutely love them. The group dynamic, the relaxed atmosphere, everyone is new, quirky personality traits emerge - it is so refreshing!

Tonight, we played lots of games and narrowed our focus. The work began in the midst of play. Ever played Chair Breakers? It is fun - the point of 6-7 girls sitting on top of one another. We previewed 3/4 of the program repertoire - the girls are intrigued, to say the least. We played silly flashcard games. We described ourselves. We sightread more.

We wrote solfege in the first song and sang a few measures. And it was easier than expected. The girls were very surprised at how well they know how to sightread and count rhythms. It enlightened me: my students know both rhythm and pitch languages. That feels great, as a teacher.

We sang in canon. Voices stand out. We sang a scale and moved from the IV chord to the I chord - it needs a lot of work, but they are listening.

We narrowed our focus on a theme. It is coming to us. We are sharing ourselves right now. Our center is emerging.

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