Thursday, September 27, 2012


Our performance time has been given to us, but I am not telling the girls until Monday, Oct 8. We have a TMEA Student/Parent Meeting after the Fall Concert - we'll unveil a sketchy itinerary at that time. They are getting anxious!

Today, we just rehearsed as every choir should every day. I asked them what they wanted to work on and this is what they chose:

Gia il sole dal Gange - needs the most work, so WORKED it today. I introduced them to count-singing and their brains were hurting afterwards. We only used it for 2 measures! But we spent a lot of time in those measures working out the kinks.

The Ring - they wanted to work on those harmonic sections and those half steps. So, we did. They aren't as bad as they thought, so dynamics entered the picture. At this point, the music began to breathe new life!

Au Joli Jeu - We marked our music where cross voicing occurs - then sang those measures. Isolated them. A lot of cross voicing can make a singer feel like their brain is short-circuiting.'s a little early for that, but it really takes intellect to maneuver through those measures. Especially when c.v. occurs every 4 measures!

Regina Angelorum - we didn't work on this during class time rehearsal. We rehearsed it during morning sectionals this week. Rhythm! AIR!!! Lots of it!

This is what I am saying in my sleep - SPACE! Separate your teeth! Commit to the vowel shape! The space in the upper range must be as big as the space in the lower range....with the same amount of air flow! SPACE! SPACE! SPACE!

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