Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Catching up....

I am all caught up now on this blog. We are having great rehearsals in and outside of class. The girls are working on Solo & Ensemble Contest. A performance based curriculum never rests, neither do I.
It has been an emotional 3 weeks. I drove myself half crazy trying to prepare for the clinician then the concert. Last week, Steve's 4 month contract job ended 2 months early. He is staying home with Meg while he looks for more work. I feel the stress easing a bit, but it will roar back to life in 2 weeks as we prepare to host Solo & Ensemble Contest. The push to get to Thanksgiving Break is very eventful.
Where are we at in the music:
  • Au Joli Jeu - we are on text and now working in ensembles. Working hard on word stress and dynamic contrast. This piece has firmed up nicely, I'm very pleased with how I taught it and the current results. The girls will test this piece on French next week.
  • Gia il sole dal Gange - the last half of this piece is complete. The girls are testing on the last 10 measures this week. They are proud that this one is finished.
  • Regina Angelorum - this one has been shelved for a few weeks while we work on Au Joli Jeu.
  • Welcome All Wonders - the opening melody has been introduced and the concept of the piece discussed. 1/2 unison and 1/2 two part harmony.
  • The Ring - this one has been shelved for a few weeks. We'll pull it back out for VIP luncheon in November.
  • Igraj Kolce - the first page is learned. The 2nd page is in progress. We are studying repetitive tone patterns in this one. This one feels like a circle and the girls get a bit lost in it, so we are taking it bit by bit.
  • The Turtle Dove - the first page has been introduced to the choir. They LOVE the melody. I'm going to put it on the shelf during class for a few days while I get Au Joli Jeu complete.

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