Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall Concert

Fall Concert - in an ideal world, this concert would be so much more artistic. It's a middle school choir concert - the function of this concert is introductory. Students in uniforms for the first time, how to walk on and off stage, sing pitches and rhythms correctly, attempt to breathe in all the right places (as opposed to every barline) - generally, this is Choir Open House. It was a good concert - short and sweet. The boys looked amazing in their new uniforms! WOW! What a difference a more formal uniform makes!
The Advanced Treble Choir sang Gia il sole dal Gange - measures 1-48 on Italian text and measures 49 to the end on solfege. It was a good demonstration piece. The other choir students liked this piece because they like seeing the girls sing on solfege and handsign really fast. Hehehe. I love that part. The Ring was a real stunner - the girls really performed this one and it sounded like ART. So, yes, idealistic goal achieved. On one song, at least!

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