Sunday, February 23, 2014

TMEA followup - 1 year later

My last blog post was November 2012. After this post - an exhilirating day of rehearsal by the way - life took on a certain level of warp speed that I was not prepared for. Mentally. I had prepared the schedule down to the second. There were many beautiful moments along the way that I cherish. I haven't documented them all, but I continue to hold their treasure. The Pre-TMEA concert was practice. It went well, but I would like a mulligan on that one evening. It made me trust people even less than I already do. The TMEA performance was magical - I'm not real sure how I did all of that actually. It was a 40 week process and it was just like a pregnancy and the birth of a baby. Only this was music baby. We accomplished our goal. We shared the music.

Thank you to those who supported me through this journey. I would do it again in a heartbeat. 
Steve Riser, Scott Crowe, Michael Goede, Felicia Phillips, Anna Schermerhorn, Connie Horton, Derrick Bready, Christina Chapman, Julie Birkner, Dennis & Judy Boyter, Sally McGowan, Jan Juneau, Sally Schott, Denise Eaton, Heather Orr, Monte Mast, Don & Sandi Parks, Marie Willingham, Grant & Jennifer Cole

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