Monday, May 18, 2015

The Music Man experience

Our seats are 1st Mezzanine, Row B, Seats 1 & 2 – VERY good seats. On the aisle. Smart. We could see everything. They were a gift from a beloved friend who wanted me & Meg to enjoy an experience together. I sit on the aisle seat, she sits in seat 2. To her left is an older man who I pray to God has a forgiving heart.

(TUTS Chairman of the Board steps out to speak & push the 2015-2016 season.) 

M: Why is that big curtain there?...Where is the Music Man?....(listening to what is being said) Cinderella is here too!?....Where is Mary Poppins!?....The Little Mermaid is here?!
T: (trying to quietly answer her questions as fast as they shot out of her mouth)
M: (Overture begins) Momma, look there are music notes on the curtain! Where is the Music Man?
T: We haven’t seen him yet.
M: (First scene begins) What are they doing? Where is the Music Man?
T: They are riding on a train, listen to what they are saying! The Music Man is on stage but we don’t see him yet.
M: (2nd scene) I'm thirsty.
T: Ok. (wondering how I am going to solve this problem and trying to figure out how to keep her in the seat)
M: (3rd scene begins - we move up a few rows to disturb less people) Where is the Music Man? (Gymnasium scene) Is THAT the Music Man? Where are the 6 bones? I'm thirsty.
M: (4th scene begins - we exit the theater to find the water fountain) Where are we going?
T: To find the water fountain
M: Then we can go back inside and find the Music Man?
T: No.
M: Why?
T: Because once you leave the theater, you cannot go back inside until the break.
M: Why?
T: Because we will disturb people and that’s the rule.
M: I’m thirsty.
T: (we find the water fountain and M takes A SIP)
M: Ok I’m done.
T: Seriously!?!? Well, you need to drink more than that.
M: (she sips a little bit more)
T: Let’s go potty.
M: I don’t have to go potty.
T: Well, I do.
M: Well, I’ll stand out here in the hall.
T: No you won’t. Come in here. Now.
M: Ok. (reluctant)
M: (singing in the bathroom) Momma, I LOVE how my voice sounds in the bathroom. So big!
T: Yes, these walls are good for that kind of sound. (leave the restroom & head to the lobby for snacks)
(At intermission, the people flood into the lobby for snacks)
M: Momma, where is everybody going?
T: Ummm……
M: Are they getting something to eat?
T: Yes! Then it is time to go home.
M: Oh! In our car?
T: Not everybody can fit in our car. Just me and you.
M: Yeh, they have to drive their own cars. Right, Momma?
T: Yes. We better get going!
M: I don’t wanna ride the elevator.
T: Okay, we can go down the stairs!
M: Okay!

We get to the car, exit the parking garage, and we were not even out of downtown Houston – she was sound asleep.

All I could think – “Well, I’m glad we didn’t go to Disney World!”

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