Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Call

May 11, 2012 - Pop Show - amazing concert!

May 15, 2012 - Pop Show Tour with 107 students at elementary schools. An exhausting and fun day. My daughter was with grandad at home trying to be fever free for 24 hrs. During the day, I thought, "Well, it is mid-May & I haven't received a phone call. Not this year, I suppose." Afterwards, Steve, Meg, & I met for supper at Mi Rancho. We finished dinner and put Meg in the car.

7:44pm - the phone rings, a local number. I thought, "Great! An angry parent about something that happened today. Who knows what went wrong!?" I answer the phone. The person on the other end has difficulty pronouncing my name - what else is new? Then she says, "This is Janwin Overstreet-Goode and I'm calling to invite your Advanced Treble Choir to sing for TMEA in 2013." My breath caught, I put my hand on Steve's chest. All I could do was mumble "Uh-huh?" She said, "Are you there?" I eeked out, "Yes, we'd be happy to be there." She went on to say that she would send me a packet of information and hung up.

People downplay this experience and the moments therein, but I felt like I had been handed an Academy Award. Awestruck with the huge task that I have dreamed of for 17 years. Happy to be near my best friend/husband for this moment - he is so proud and happy for me. Who do I call first? My boss. Then the HS choir director. Then whoever I could think to tell. But NO ONE would answer their phone. Then I called Felicia - my very best friend in the world - she answered. Telling her was amazing - she gets it and is joyful! Finally, people started calling me back. Sharing the news was amazing.

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