Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Whirlwind #1

Today - what a day. My phone has blown up with calls, texts, emails, etc. It's so exciting to share this honor with "a great cloud of witnesses". I tell my colleagues in the district. I contact a colleague about a composition. I contacted Julie Birkner, Dennis & Judy Boyter, Denise Eaton - to share the news and to begin the quest.

During my phone conversation with Julie, I realize that I am using my cell phone in a school zone and the cop is slowing down then turning his lights on. Julie's comment, "Well, I hope this conversation was worth it. Talk to you later." It was, but he never came to get me. hmmmm.....

I began looking at music websites, starting at Carl Fischer. Then I emailed Denise Eaton. She is Wonder Woman of our little choir director world. If that is not true, then I am positive she has superhero powers. We immediately email back & forth - beginning the programming conversation. She knows choral literature.

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