Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Choir members revealed

Today, during 7th period, letters of congratulations were delivered to the newest members of Advanced Treble Choir (AT). I asked 3 of my 8th graders to deliver all of the letters. They said the girls were very excited. There were a few disappointments and I've already heard from those parents. This sounds crass, but I do this every year, I'm used to it. I know what to expect.

Tonight, we had a student/parent meeting of new AT members. About 75% of the membership was present. I talked about the submission process, the extra rehearsals, costs, etc. All of the information was received positively. There is so much parent support in this group of kids.

I must stop for a moment and mention that over half of my present 6th graders (who will be 7th graders in August) went to TMEA in their 5th grade year. In 2011, Benignus Elementary Chorale and Schultz Elementary Shining Star Orffestra were both TMEA honor groups. In 2012, Schultz Elementary Drum Corps was a TMEA honor group as well. So, these 6th grade parents know the expectation level changes with this invitation. There are a few differences though. Learning the music is different and rehearsal time is exponentially greater.

I guess I gave all of the needed information because there weren't many questions afterward. Parents are very happy to have their child involved in this group and they are happy to get involved in the process.

Tomorrow is the last day of school. This is always the hardest day of the year for me.

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