Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Don't get ahead of yourself

I want to plan everything RIGHT NOW. I can't. There is a sense of urgency that causes great anxiety. I need to settle down for a few days & wait for school to finish.
In years past, I have become very adamant that my 8th graders be allowed to enjoy the last weeks & months of middle school. Mainly because they are encouraged to begin the high school journey so early - cheer, drill team, color guard tryouts, for instance. Getting these groups together for next year, practicing all summer, ordering uniforms - it distracts an 8th grader from the final moments of middle school.
Now, I am guilty of this same situation. I must enjoy these last few moments of the school year. Enjoy these kids who have been been so very, very wonderful in the last 3 years. I will miss this group of kids.

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