Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Final Exams Day 3

After 3 days of listening, I can hear a TMEA choir next year. I have a few more to listen through in the 6th grade girls tomorrow. I have heard a couple of near perfect final exams. Perfect vocals and sightreading. I hear 26 definite singers and 4-6 more that could be molded easily enough. My goal is 30-33 singers, no more. The next step of the process is tough - checking this year's attendance records, grades, behavior, etc - all in an effort to bring the right group of kids together. Who knows? There may only be 24-27 singers in that group.

As for the boys - WOW - my 6th grade guys are gonna be rock stars in 2 more years. I went through 6 years of teaching boys that were, for the most part, not great people and trying to mold them into a good choir. What a struggle. Ok, that's not true. There were some true gems in those groups. Diamonds in the rough. We found success, but it was always such an exhausting struggle. This year, my boys have been squirrely, but delightful. I have loved them every year, but this year has been.....relaxing. They like each other (for the most part), they are very funny, and they get it. They LOVE singing. They understand sightreading. They WANT to do well. It was the right mix this year. I gotta keep finding more guys like this who will keep up this momentum.

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