Friday, June 15, 2012

More & more & more...

Today, I received a packet of new music in the mail. More perusal copies. Some of which I LOVE, but it is too difficult for the girls. Way, Way, Way too difficult. I've been listening to music on youtube, jwpepper, carlfischer, & other websites. Now that I see the music - I realize the complexity of it. ugh. I was concentrating on finding piano accompanied pieces of music with decent English texts. This is a needle in the haystack or as my husband says I'm "looking for my unicorn."

The truth is I LOVE the use of foreign language in choral music. I could choose a whole program full of foreign language pieces. English text has to be thick, rich, and lush for me to pay attention and it should have a deeper meaning for the girls. And NO whispered text. It's a non-negotiable. So, I'll begin reading again. At this point, I have looked at and listened to enough music, it's time to beginning sightreading pieces. Finding each piece's teachability. I think I have some gems in this pile. I think.....the program is within... and no, I'm not choosing Dance On My Heart.

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