Friday, June 1, 2012


Today, after a perfunctory meeting, I dove into the music. My head ready to organize & read. I didn't get there. Michael came over as planned for the reading session. He played for 2 hours, I listened. Out of 100+ pieces we skimmed, there are about 12 worthy of a second look. 10-12 of those we have found could be paired by theme, instrumentation, key, period, ethnicity, etc.
I will have to go back through & READ the music. Find the teaching plans within each of them. Delve through rhythms, pitches, intervallic relationships, harmonics, line, form, chord analysis, style....the list goes on & on.
For now, a rest. This weekend, I'll be a wife, a mom, a girl.....these hats need to be worn in order to achieve balance.

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