Thursday, July 12, 2012


The calendar is coming together. I spent some time today securing clinicians for the fall semester. I have asked Brianna Kruse, Klein Collins HS Asst. Director, to come in for 2 rehearsals and work on tone with the girls. She has the best clear tone of anyone I know - such a fabulous model. Kendra Welton Lipman, Westwood HS Choir in Round Rock, has agreed to clinic the girls on 2 occasions. She will be our primary clinician. I'm very excited for the learning opportunities these 2 women will give the girls. I will be looking for 1 more person to do a final clinic in January. To seal the deal.

On another front, I was suppose to have a student teacher for 12 weeks during the fall semester. I contacted her this week to relay rehearsal and performance dates. She is an instrumentalist. Needless to say, HR has been contacted so she can be re-assigned to Band. She was a bit mortified to hear of her choir assignment. Yes, singing. It creates fear & trepidation in the hearts of instrumentalists everywhere. I was excited about having a fall semester student teacher - never had a 1st semster ST before - and someone to help with daily rehearsals. Especially the section rehearsals during 4th period. Unfortunately, that excitement is over. In the midst of everything, it is also a relief. Somewhat. It's hard to explain. Anyway, I am talking to a couple of people about coming in during 4th period to help with daily sectionals.

Final note: I will have a major accident if anyone asks me to play a wind or string instrument. Wet reeds, spit valves, dry horsehair, valve oil, love lost here. I'm glad to have those instruments in the world and happy that someone else makes music with them.

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