Monday, July 9, 2012

Fail to plan, plan to fail.

This is my mantra. Colleagues have told me to have fun along this journey. Planning is fun to me. The past couple of days, I have been creating sightreading plans for all of the choirs.

For 6th Grade Girls Choir (GC) & Intermediate Treble (IT), everything is complete for the first semester. The sightreading is simple yet thorough with 2-3 assessments per grading period.

For the boys (MC), I will take things at the same pace but supplement with other resources. Some of which are at school, so I don't what to supplement yet. I'll finish them tomorrow.

For Advanced Treble (AT), the plan used for GC & IT will be accelerated & complete by mid-October. The remainder of sightreading for the semester will be supplemented from other resources that I have at school. Again, I will work on this tomorrow.

In mid-January, all choirs except for GC, will transfer to UIL sightreading practice pieces. I have a document that details the sightreading titles on file - by key, meter, & difficulty.
I will create a different plan for Girls Choir.

All in all, the sightreading plan is different for this year & I'm excited about it. That means I'm having fun!

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