Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More music

Today, I went to the school with the best intentions of organizing, filing, etc. That didn't happen. Instead, the planning of music for the other 3 choirs happened.

The guys are the furthest away from finished - partly because I have to wait until Region & Men's Concert music is chosen. I worked on some ideas for their UIL program. It's difficult b/c in May, the choir was mostly tenors. I hope that 10 weeks of summer will produce some voice changes.

Sixth Grade Girls Choir and Intermediate Treble Choir - these group's music is chosen for every concert except Pop Show. Intermediate Treble - I really like what I've selected for them. It's good stuff. I hope they like it and feel challenged - most of it is from the PML 1 list, but it does present new difficulties. I need better inspiration for the 6th grade girls. I'm growing bored with what I have to work with. I'll keep digging for them.

Overall, today was fun to put together music for the year. To not think about the advanced girls for a bit.

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