Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Voice Parts Assigned

After brooding over 32 voices for several months, I have finally assigned them to parts. It was a relief today to finalize that step.
I will admit, this choir is young. 19 seventh graders & 13 eighth graders. The tone is clear & has warmth, although not the depth of tone that I have had in recent years. It will come. They still sound good. After procedures are done, I'm ready to quicken the pace.
Now that voice parts are assigned, I have distributed the sectional assignment calendar. September & December are 2 part weekly section rehearsals on Th/F. October, November, & January are 3 part section rehearsals on W/Th/F. These section rehearsal occur in the mornings, 8:00-8:45am.
I have our regular accompanist coming on M & Th during class to work rotating section rehearsals with me. For instance - I'll work a TMEA piece with Soprano 1's while she works a Region piece with Soprano 2's, and the Altos work on something else in the practice room. After 12-14min, we rotate those sections.
I am a bit exhausted. Up at 5:30am, at school by 7am, home by 5:30p to cook dinner, put Meg to bed, and try to wind down before I crash into bed.
A colleague said to me this morning, "So, what's going on? You are always a busy bee! In the zone!" Yes, I am. I have to be to an extent. It is the first week of school. There is so much 'housekeeping' to be done that singing becomes low priority. I have to stay very focused to maintain organized. I make lots & lots of lists.
Someone once told me that they would never venture the TMEA journey without an assistant. I thought "That's crazy talk!" I get it now. Although I delegate well, this journey is a lot to handle by myself. There is no one to share this journey with, besides the kids. I have to really work to reach out to other musicians & pursue choral dialogue. In this singleton journey, I don't pity myself. I love what I do. This journey is just teaching me one more level of self-awareness.

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