Monday, September 3, 2012

Pay Now or Pay Later

The Pay Now or Pay Later principle has been around forever, I'm sure. I didn't learn until 9 years ago in a Fred Jones Tools for Teaching training session. It made sense. In fact, all of Fred Jones' ideas and tips make sense. I don't teach without them. But right now, they are getting in the way of singing. With the "pay now" principle, I do a lot of administration at the beginning of the year. 2 days of campus procedures. 2-3 days of choir procedures. Plus 4-5 more.....Tomorrow, all choir students will be fit for uniforms. Parent volunteers and the seamstress are coming to help out. Wednesday, it's Fundraiser Kickoff Day. 2 days of not singing. Ugh. BUT I am paying now, so I don't have to waste the days later. When the business of singing is ready to be done, classroom procedures supports the flow.
I have yet to go through the choir handbook, talk about fees, events, etc. I've overviewed the calendar, presented my "expectations", and passed out 1 flyer about an upcoming social. At some point, I'm going to get to those social contracts that I learned to do in Capturing Kid's Hearts training. There is SO MUCH to do!
The Advanced girls begin their extra rehearsals this week - Tuesday 4-6pm, then Thursday & Friday morning sectionals for 45min each. We'll gain back some time.
I am ready for the singing to begin. No doubt the kids feel the same way.

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