Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sectionals & more sectionals!

Today, we began morning sectionals. Thursday mornings in the month of September are Soprano sectionals. Fridays are Altos.
Currently, we are reviewing the Soprano 1 part of Au Joli Jeu. Everyone will test over measures 15-22 next week in morning sectionals. We began Regina Angelorum today. Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm! Students must be able to identify & demonstrate mastery of these rhythmic phrases before solfege enters the picture. The girls & I discuss the rhythm, write in the counts, 'clap & say' each measure then phrase then section, repetition ad infinitum. Then once rhythm is mastered...add a layer...say the rhythms while handsigning solfege. More repetition in the same process. Reverse the process...say the solfege while tapping the rhythm. At this point, comfort & ease are found. Wait! We haven't even sung a note?!?! Now, it's time for pitches. Slow down. Sing pitches completely out of rhythm. Say the solfege in rhythm. Now SING the pitches in rhythm SLOWLY. Oh, the lightbulbs begin flickering inside those minds! More repetition until mastery is achieved on pitches & rhythms.
Wow. THAT is a process. Just to begin 1 song. In a 45min morning sectional.
During class, we had breakout sectionals. Mrs. McGowan & Mrs. Thompson came to help students review, catch up, & keep moving forward. Mrs. McGowan worked on review of The Ring & prep for the Au Joli Jeu singing test. I worked on Regina Angelorum in my sectional as well as prepped Gia il sole dal Gange to begin during class tomorrow. Mrs. Thompson worked with small groups, checking solfege & giving sightreading tips.
Not a minute is wasted. We are just getting started, but I feel like we are in full swing.

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