Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11 days into school

Here's what's happening:
  • Au Joli Jeu - Everyone has learned Soprano 1 part. Singing test on m15-22 this week. Today, the girls began learning the Soprano 2 part. I threw caution to the wind and had half the group sing Soprano 1 and the other half sing Soprano 2. It was rough and we won't do that again for a while.
  • Gia il sole dal Gange - we began reading this piece on Friday, and the girls have learned m.7-20 so far. That was better as parts together than I expected.
  • Regina Angelorum - m8-20 are learned and it is time to move onto parts in m21. The unison is nice.
  • The Ring - this one sounds really good m2-34. The harmonies are really lovely here. This is by far the favorite of the girls.
I have had Michael listen to the girls - he is impressed with how much music they know already. Sally has come in 2x for sectionals. She came again today for afterschool rehearsal to play parts and run a short sectional on Gia il sole dal Gange. I've asked a retired choir director, Marsha Robinson, to help run a 3 part sectional during class with me and Sally. I'll be calling another retired choir director tomorrow to help some more.
It's note-punching time. Along the way, we are learning style.
The girls are dedicated. To the point that one of the girls who forgot rehearsal and went home........her mom texted me with a picture of her daughter standing at the back door trying to get in the Fine Arts Hallway afterschool. Serious effort.
Can I just say.........these girls are super duper talented?!?! Everyone should be this spoiled. They have prepared their music with numbered measures, rhythms, solfege, etc. They are energetic and sing confidently. They know their rhythms! I think we will pretty much school UIL Sightreading this year on the dotted quarter-eighth note rhythm. I find myself expecting my other choirs to move just as fast - have to be careful on that point. 32 girls - such a blessing. So much love!
Other topics - uniforms ordered. fundraiser in full swing. movie night $$ due tomorrow. going through the handbook one page per day. the kids got their computers today & tablet camp is tomorrow. choir officer elections are Friday.
A well-oiled machine in full range of motion.

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