Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The days blur together....

Last weekend was the high school District auditions - the first level of the All-State audition process. I was supposed to judge, but lost the job b/c they overhired judges. After the initial disappointment, I discovered that rest was needed because my body went into exhaustion mode. Tescille's exhaustion mode = Sinusitis. Rest, rest, rest, and a whole lotta Mucinex later - I'm a lot better.
Meg - what a kid. She is babbling non-stop, singing, dancing, cuddly, laughing, showing creativity, and throwing fits. The adults in this house are lucky to get 5 hrs of sleep each night - 3am is her "witching hour" right now. The other night I learned patience as I sat and watched her scream and flail about in the crib for 45 min at 3 o'clock in the morning. I have no idea why. Maybe those bottom molars? I just love her. Loving a child is deep and I gain new understanding of it each day.
The music is coming together. Not as fast as I would like, but it is happening. The girls - geez, I just don't know if I could have a better group of stellar young musicians. Every day from 11:45am-12:45pm - the sun shines brightly in the Krimmel Choir Room. The other hours are pretty great, too.
What I need right now is 10-15 consecutive days of rehearsal without interruption. Then we could see REAL progress. Progress is surely happening, but the next 3 months loom like a black cloud. October, November, and December are filled with interruptions in the instruction timeline.
We have Soprano sectionals in the morning - I'm going to focus on Regina Angelorum during that time. Try to punch some notes and teach style along the way.
During the next 3 days of instruction - we are just going to rehearse and pick apart details. I need to move from solfege to neutral syllables - that's a scary step for me. It is good for tone unification, but scary when those 7th grade voices start forgetting pitches. Then I have to reteach notes. ack.
The primary clinician comes on Tuesday. We need to be a bit more ready than we are, but that is okay. It's not February just yet.

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