Saturday, March 15, 2014

Running Amok

Amok? Amuck? However you prefer to spell it.  

I don't run amok. It does not agree with me. I prefer to live 85% prepared for all parts of life. I figure that about 15% of my life I will not be able to predict - car maintenance, TX snowstorm, unemployment, a random act of kindness, etc..

Routines makes me happy. The routine that I love the most is doing the laundry. Once a week. Not during the week. Potty training has made me break that personal rule. I'd rather do laundry than wash the dishes or clean the bathrooms. Clean clothes are a priority. I don't like to iron. I'll use the steamer or take it to the drycleaner. Usually every Saturday or Sunday is devoted to doing the laundry. By Sunday evening, I want every bit of clothing in my home to be clean, folded, hung up, and put away in its proper place. This laundry routine makes me ready for the work week. It creates a clean slate. 

Every 3 months or so, I get a little lazy. Everything is clean but still in baskets - I can live like this for 2-3 weeks before short circuiting. Every 6 months of so, I get a lot lazy. Not all of the loads get washed and we just work off of the available clean clothes. That happened last weekend. I didn't care to finish. So today, I am on a mission to regain my life. After everything was sorted, most of the baskets looked Mohammad had brought six mountains to this little molehill. It is an all day job to conquer, but life is restored and Momma is happy once again.

The way that I run amok is the use of too many personal pronouns and really pitiful sentence structure. 

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