Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Things I don't celebrate

Being raised Southern Baptist, I don't celebrate Lent. But I love McD's Filet O Fish. Confession: I don't even pretend to understand the significance of Lent. I understand fish. It understands me. It is my food group of choice. I went off the deep end and tried Chick-Fil-A's fish sandwich 2 days ago. Just call me Benedict Arnold because it was better. 

My Dad was an alcoholic, so holidays with a direct connection to alcohol do not hold my interest.I don't make a big deal out of New Year's Eve, St. Patrick's Day, or Super Bowl Sunday. If that one gets moved to Saturday, it just might be declared a national holiday. Pity.

My Mom was an event planner/florist, so every other holiday in life probably needs flowers. But I refuse to spend money on flowers knowing that no one makes money in that business. Unless you are willing to set profit margins so high that only the wealthy can buy flowers and pay for delivery.

I celebrate Christmas & Easter, but my absolute favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Time & food with family without the pressure of gifts.

Finally, there are birthdays. I celebrate them. Not with fanfare. To me, a birthday is simply a day to recognize your entrance into this world. It needs nothing more than my favorite food and my immediate family. Other people's birthdays? They happen. And that, my friends, is another day's story.

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