Sunday, April 13, 2014

How does your garlic grow?

Well, my garlic is growing mighty fine. Especially since I don't know what garlic should look like while it grows. 

Yesterday, The Rock Star and The Firstborn Child were sent to play with cousins so Momma could do some home management. Gardening, laundry, napping, catching up on dvr'd shows, dishes, etc. - I felt rested and accomplished by the time they returned.

Anti-depressants and psychotherapy help the emotional weeds of my life. There are plenty and if I'm not careful, I get stuck in the muck and mire of it all. Weeding the garden is an endorphin rush for me (this was not the case as a teenager with Mom giving directives). I was a girl who loved to make mudpies and we had good sandy clay in Central Texas to keep me busy. It feels great to sit in a dirt mix that I created - that anyone can create - one half Miracle Gro Garden Soil, one quarter bagged compost, one quarter bagged top soil. Next year, I will buy that stuff in bulk instead of bag. And I'll have my own compost! 

Bugs in the garden - I'm still learning - this pest is more difficult to detect because they can be chameleons. At least weeds stand up to proclaim their presence. There is something that eats holes in my basil leaves, I haven't found it yet. I spread garden insect dust last week. I use Miracle Gro LiquaFeed once a week. Bugs are my next project. 

But the garden is growing very nicely. Foliage is getting larger, heights are being increased, buds appear. Life is good. 

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