Wednesday, January 13, 2016


We can’t tell our full story yet. It is not time. But I can testify to the everything God has done for us since September 26 - things that would have never been possible before. Why? Because I wasn't really listening to God. I had taken control into my own hands for the last 4 years and when I released it, He stepped in and took over. What a powerful journey this has been and continues to be. I will list the provisions another day, but here are some ‘ripples’ of our story.

Monday October 19 - Looking for a weekly “something”, I contacted the Class Administrator of Bible Study Fellowship at Champion Forest Baptist Church to express interest. She responded that day.
Tuesday October 20 - The Children’s Program Supervisor contacted me to say there was a spot open for my daughter. I told my friend Cheryl about this situation.
Wednesday October 21 - I attended Bible Study Fellowship for the first time and haven’t looked back.
Why is this a ripple?
Unbeknownst to us, our friend Kelly had been in that BSF class, small group and her youngest son in the Children’s Program. Kelly & her husband, Derek, were praying about stepping back from BSF because she didn’t feel like she could fully commit and wanted to open a spot for someone who could. Our mutual friend, Cheryl, now knew the situation from both sides and kept the matter private. This BSF class has 800 women in it - with waiting lists - yet I was able to slide right in without a sound.
Wednesday, November 18 - We sit down to share our entire story with Kelly & Derek. We relay the BSF situation, and the look on their faces was the realization of answered prayer. What they had prayed for had affected someone close to them - ME - and they had no idea!
Cheryl & Andy and Kelly & Derek - they are our Life Group leaders at church.
God be praised for this ripple!

One weeknight in December, I went to Kroger. As I left, a downpour of rain began. I saw the manager of the UPS Store standing by the bicycle rack looking at his bike and the rain. I asked, “How far away do you live?” He said not too far. I told him to throw the bike in the van so I could take him home. “Really?” he said. Yep.

Let me stop - it is completely out of the ordinary for me to do this type of thing. If Meg was with me, I probably would not have done it. We have had our mailing address at the UPS store for nearly 10 years - another story for another day - so this man, Ray, was familiar to me. He was relatively new to the staff, but I had seen him enough to be acquainted with him.

It was a 10 minute drive, the rain poured down & we talked the entire way. He was a really great young man - very humble and grateful.

A few weeks later, I was in the UPS store to pick up mail. Ray was not working, but the owner was there. Chet saw me, we said hello, he got my mail, the store was busy, and I stopped for a moment. I told him about taking Ray home and what a great young man he had hired. Chet was very concerned that one of his employees was riding a bike to work, I told him it was a free ride so why did it matter? The guy was being smart with his money in my mind. I really just wanted Chet to know how much I thought of Ray.

The week after Christmas, I walked in the UPS store to pick up my mail. Ray was there. We said hello in passing. Then he looked at me with this ELECTRIC look of happiness on his face, “Hey, I wanted to let you know that I got a car! AND a promotion!” I thought my heart was going to fly out of my chest. He began to talk about the blessings of God in the past few weeks, and all I wanted to do was scream with joy. The greatness of God’s love and kindness radiated from this man!

Why is this significant? Because where I am right now in life and my walk with Christ, I made a very fast decision to be kind. This is unusual for me - kindness is something I have to THINK about & act on purpose. I gave a man a ride home - I didn’t think about safety, time, or anything else - it was instinctive. The normal part of this story is me talking to Chet about how great I thought his employee was - no agenda just a genuine compliment - I believe this part of life is good people skills.

Little did I know how God was going to use me in that man’s life. God be praised for this ripple of blessings!

Last week, Cheryl texted me - “There is a young lady at church going through a difficult time who needs childcare for her infant. What is the name of Meg’s daycare?” I gave her the information - phone number, director’s name, pricing, etc.. I left it with a “Hope it works out!”

Last night, Cheryl told me that the young woman was able to enroll her child at this childcare facility I recommended. The gift of peace she received when she placed her little baby in a very caring teacher’s arms was a blessing.

God be praised for continuous ripples of blessings!

Precious Heavenly Father, I lay myself before your throne every day seeking to be used for your glory. Thank you for allowing me to be blessed by other’s decisions and be a blessing to others. Continue to use me in this and many other ways.

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